Wellberg Energy Services has earned herself a degree of excellence in the field of wellhead maintenance services. With our team of experts, we carry out periodic inspection, function testing, repair and wellhead intervention services for major oil producing companies. Our experiences and expertise in wellhead covers various OEM wellheads, chokes, valves, Mainfolds, BOP’s such as Cameron, FMC, Vetco Gray, Aker Kvaerner and Suzhou Douson products.


  • First and second line wellhead maintenance routine and Non-routine.
  • Repair, Refurbishment and Installation of Wellhead equipment and accessories
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of OEM wellhead Equipment and accessories
  • Wellhead completions
  • Tools rentals: Lubricators, X-Overs, Drilling spools / Adapters, Running/Retrieving tool for seal assembly and wear bushing/combination running tools/test plug.
  • Repair, refurbishment and installation of chokes and valves.
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic Bolting services
  • Supply of valves (gate, ball, globe, butterfly, plug)
  • Supply, maintenance, repair of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.
  • Design, fabrication, construction of wellhead control panels and Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  • Large Stock of wellheads 5,000psi and 10,000psi series.


  • Wellhead safety control systems design and upgrade
  • Control panel design and fabrication
  • Emergency shutdown systems design
  • Flow station process equipment installation and upgrade
  • Field installation of process instrument
  • Hook-up of instrument transmitter, recorders and control valve


Wellberg Energy Services in its customary manner of satisfying our array of clienteles has installed and up-to-date Machine Workshop furnished with state-of-the-art machines that could customize tools to our clients specification.

What more, with our well trained and experienced engineers along side our highly qualified machinists, our Lathe, Milling, Drilling machines had never been too handy. We construct and fabricate to customers dimensions without compromising quality and international standard and specification.

Even better, is that our products are duly and rigorously tested at standardized QAQC test regulation.

Wellberg Energy Services offers completion, workover and interventions services in combination with a complete variety of data acquisition options which include:


  • Drift run
  • Installation and retrieval of plugs and prongs
  • BHP/BHT Survey
  • Swabbing
  • Fishing
  • Sand Bailing
  • Gaslift Operations
  • Wax cutting
  • Tubing leak test


  • Production logging
  • Cement Bond logging
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Setting Services
  • Tubing perforation etc.


With our state of the art Test Bay and a myriad of gas lift units, and accessories, Wellberg Energy also specializes in supply, installation, servicing and redressing of Surface Controlled Sub-surface Safety Valves (SCSSSV), Lock Mandrels, Side Pocket Mandrels, Plugs, Dummy valves and an exhaustive list of downhole equipment and accessories.


We deliver solution to wells with low formation pressure by means of artificial lifting via Gas lift system.

Our services include:

  • Installation and retrieval of both tubing and wireline retrievable gas lift valves.
  • Production and Well Optimization services
  • Gas Lift mandrels
  • Gas Lift Valves and Latches
  • Dummy Valves
  • Gas lift design and Optimization services
  • Electric submersible pumping systems design
  • Supply and Installation


We provide some unique technology of effective Drilling and Completion fluids for very effective operations for Deep Wells, Extended reach Well, Long/Medium/Short Radius Horizontal Wells, Sidetrack Horizontal Well and under-balance Well, a wide variety of Mud Chemicals Test and Evaluation.


We have many developed advanced and exclusive drilling fluid system under operations. These include:

  • general purpose temporary shield plugging reservoir protection system.
  • solid-free under balance drilling fluid
  • foam drilling fluids
  • organic salt drilling fluid
  • composite organic salt solid-free reservoir protection system


Wellberg Energy Services is into pumping services and has a whole range of pumping and other equipment for various oilfield pumping services. Wellberg Energy Services has experienced and well trained engineers, technicians and Pump operators to deliver superior service when it comes to oilfield pumping services.

Our Coiled Tubing services employ one of the largest fleets of fully equipped coil tubing units in Nigeria, and include the full inventroy of applications and tools to meet our client’s requirements in all environments and challenges.

Our technical experts successfully meet specific well intervention challenges by deploying their expertise around reliable conveyance technologies that provide access to a diverse spectrum of completion configurations.

We offer all conveyance applications designed to improve well performance including matrix stimulation, wellbore cleanout, real-time logging, perforating, nitrogen kickoff, sand control, milling, cementing, circulation, mechanical isolation, fishing and wireline conveyance. We lead the industry in our markets and have built our service offerings to fit our client’s needs.

They include:

  • Pumping and stimulation services
  • Well kill/well intervention services
  • Remedial cementing services
  • Pigging and pipeline support services
  • Intelligent pigging of small bore pipes/bulklines
  • Filtration services
  • Wellbore Clean out services
  • Pre commissioning of pipelines
  • Hydro testing/pressure testing of pipeline


Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited  in partnership with here partners to provide:

  • Provision of Well Completions Services to the E&P companies.
  • To fulfill the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board requirements.

Over time Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited  has built in-house capabilities sufficient enough to be in a position to identify, procure and deploy both unique technologies and human resources to services related to Drilling Completions, Production and Intervention operations in an efficient and cost saving manner.


Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited  provides Hydroclean drill pipe, collars, and tubulars that significantly improve downhole hydraulics to achieve superior hole cleaning in ERD wellbores. In addition, they upgrade cuttings removal and eliminate related torque problems with precisely angled profiles that hydraulically lift cuttings off the wellbore wall and propel them uphole.


The Liner Hanger was primarily designed for vertical and slightly deviated holes. It can be set clockwise or counterclockwise. As the Mechanical Set Liner Hanger is set purely mechanically no hydraulic pressure is necessary. Thus it is ideal for holes within critical formations.

Non-weld design, one-piece body with premium threads
Large annular flow area in set position ensures minimum pressure drop during cementing
Slips and cones are designed to minimize casing stress
Suitable for short and medium liner
Inner/outer slips (optional)
Rotating/non-rotating version


One of Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited ’s goals is to provide high quality cementing products and services and continuously improve the quality of its’ products and services by developing new effective solutions to meet the clients’ well cementing challenges in a safe and environmental stewardship.

Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited  aims to provide high quality well testing services to improve cementing services in African oil industry and to prepare qualified African hands to take on theses services.

Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited  wellbore cleaning services – using our chemical (CLEANRINSE), mechanical, and hydraulic technologies – provide a clear path for production by safely and effectively removing wellbore debris. These technologies reduce operational costs, eliminate formation damage, and protect personnel and equipment.

Our wellbore cleaning service tools are manufactured in house, which enables shorter delivery times, eliminates reliance on third parties, and provides the flexibility to respond to specific client requirements.


Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited  wellbore cleaning services – using our chemical (CLEANRINSE), mechanical, and hydraulic technologies – provide a clear path for production by safely and effectively removing wellbore debris. These technologies reduce operational costs, eliminate formation damage, and protect personnel and equipment.

Our wellbore cleaning service tools are manufactured in house, which enables shorter delivery times, eliminates reliance on third parties, and provides the flexibility to respond to specific client requirements.


Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited /Weatherford Casing Tubing running provide mechanized systems that improve rig-floor operations by helping operators run equipment more safely and efficiently during demanding drilling operations.

By reducing the risk of human error, our mechanized TRS systems reduce wellsite risk and NPT, which leads to greater efficiency.

We deliver optimal integrated solution – complete with precise positioning of devices, power tongs, and other tubular running technologies – and the least disruption to the current rig floor package.



At Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited  we can customize a total solution to suit the specific situation in our clients well, with the various down-hole valves, flow-control resources, packer systems, safety systems, and more.

We offer upper/lower -completion systems for any onshore and offshore projects with any well condition.


With complex completions process posing a host of wellbore-related challenges, our Thru-tubing wellbore intervention offers some of the best solutions to these challenges.

Wellberg Energy Services Nigeria Limited  has a vast array of thru-tubing equipment. Coupled with our skilled technicians and sharp execution of proven processes, perfected through years of service.


Provision of State of the Art Marine Vessels and logistic services to support marine operations in swamp/creeks, deep offshore and shallow waters.

  • Logistics Support:
  • Security Vessels
  • Fast Crew Boats
  • FSIVs
  • Crew Supply vessels
  • Offshore supply vessels
  • Spud barge
  • Flat top barge
  • Tug Boat
  • FPSO
  • FSO


    • Drilling Equipment Rental Services
    • Drilling and Completion Support Services
    • Manpower supply, training and consultancy services.
    • General contracts.